If you want to know more about how to be sustainable in your day-to-day life, we help you with a short list to help you be part of a totally enriching lifestyle for any of us. Each step is simple, economically feasible and easy to incorporate into your life. I challenge you to try to incorporate these elements into your daily routine. You could do it all in one day, but I'll give you permission to go at your own pace.


 If you're not already doing it, this is a great time to get started. By using reusable supermarket bags, you are eliminating the use of disposable plastic bags, which are not recyclable and do not biodegrade. And the damage they cause to the environment is irreparable. Hence the birth of the eco-friendly trend. A concept that aims to raise awareness of the importance of preserving nature. Incorporating more respectful business strategies and tactics for this purpose. It is easy to get reusable supermarket bags, we can find them both in supermarkets, and in many shops in your city, not forgetting the long range of possibilities offered by the internet, there is no way to escape, it is a must para llevar una vida eco friendly.  Por último, no tiene que ser la “bolsa de supermercado reutilizable”, puede ser cualquier bag; backpack, canvas bag, handbags, etc. The hardest part of reusable supermarket bags is remembering to take them to the store. I keep some in the car. If you already use them, improve your game and use them in todas stores, including; home improvement stores, dollar stores or clothing stores.


As the use of a face mask is becoming mandatory in countries around the world, the shortage of disposable masks is getting worse. The alternative to disposable face masks is reusable face masks. Here's why reusable face masks are the greenest option. Not made of plastic anything made of plastic is not biodegraded; instead, it breaks down into tiny pieces, called microplastics, over time. As these microplastics enter our oceans and waterways, they act as toxic sponges, accumulating toxic chemicals (such as pesticides and PCBs) in the water at an astonishing rate. Scientists have found microplastics in 114 aquatic species and are now trying to determine what that means for human health. Natural fibers, such as those used in reusable masks, are generally  biodegradables, so they are less harmful to the environment. So, even if discarded after a while, they won't have the deastrous impact of plastic.


Curious fact, in a year they throw themselves 58 mil millones de tazas. It takes 20 million trees to make these cups that are used once and then discarded. So we're literally felling trees just to throw them away. We really need to take some time to think about how smart it is to get a reusable cup for our day to day, not only for the planet, but also for you, as they are only advantages in our favor. Having a reusable cup of coffee in your bag or office gives you quick access to an alternative. By having one at hand, it is possible support your favorite coffee shop and reduce the impact of 'disposable' vessels on the environment. Takeaway coffee cups have a thin plastic coating that makes it difficult to process for recycling. Some places have introduced a new formula to motivate people to participate in the reutlizable cup/cup bar, so if you bring your own cup the drink comes out cheaper. As a result, most of the disposable coffee cups we throw away end up in a landfill. Reusable coffee cups, on the other hand, are designed to last for years si se cuidan adecuadamente.

Sustainable Packaging

Plastics play a very important role in the lives of consumers. It is difficult to keep track of how often we find plastic on a daily basis, especially in retail and food packaging. In particular, most of the things we buy come in plastic containers. It is therefore not surprising that the packaging industry is responsible for 40% of the world's plastic pollution. 

Impulsada por la demanda de los consumidores, los avances en los materiales y la sostenibilidad se está convirtiendo en uno de los aspectos más importantes del packaging. El consumo mundial de materiales sostenibles también ha aumentado drásticamente en los últimos años. Hoy en día, la gente, especialmente en Europa, es muy consciente de los envases reciclables y biodegradables y se está sintonizando con un diferenciador principal que ayuda a los clientes a tomar una decisión, especialmente si buscan productos “ecológicos”. Ofrecer un packaging sostenibles  it provides environmental, social and economic benefits while protecting public health and the environment throughout its life cycle, from raw material extraction to final disposal. 


Reusable straws are environmentally friendly in several ways. Since reusable straws have a long service life long life and are made of recyclable materials, it is not necessary to produce them in quantities as large as plastic straws and do not contribute to environmental pollution, since they can be recycled. In addition to increasing land pollution, a large number of uns recycled plastic straws reach the oceans because they are not disposed of properly. As a result, they not only pollute the oceans, but also disrupt the ecosystem and pose a serious threat to marine life. While plastic straws seem to be more cost-effective and easier to use in the pocket, their long-term cost is very high compared to reusable straws, which cost a little more in the first place. Plastic straws are single-use items and, according to research, the average lifespan of a useful plastic straw is only 20 minutes. Use a plastic straw and throw it away once you finish your drink. Now, think about how many straws you use in a day, week, month, and year...

When we practice the ability to pay attention to the present moment, by being aware of how we feel, what happens in the body, and what thoughts we are thinking, we are strengthening the part of the brain responsible for attention.

The healthy ecosystem cleans our water, purifies our air, regulates the climate, recycles nutrients and provides us with food. Provides raw materials and resources for medicines and other purposes. The basis of every civilization and sustain our economies.


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